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WISH LIST EVENT 2016: Let the wish granting begin!

It is finally time to start granting wishes - so here's how to do that!

Community rules take precedence over all requests. This means that your fics must not be rated higher than R, even if the recipient requested NC-17 material. Also, please disregard requests for non-rare pairings. If anyone has requested threesomes, this is okay, as long as they can be considered rare. Please ask if you're not sure.

There is no obligation in this event. If you post a wishlist, you don't need to grant other people's wishes; similarly, if you don't post a wishlist, you may still grant others' wishes. However, it really is a lot more fun if everyone participates semi-equally. ;)

You may write as many fics for as many people as you like. More than one person may grant the same wish.

Your fic(s) must be at least 200 words and no more than 2000 words, but don't stress too much about word counts and things as long as it's within reason. Beta readers are not required, but are encouraged!


It's available here

Once you've selected a wish or wishes to grant and have written your fic(s), post them to this community using the following format below.

The Header
WISHLISTS: Title (Pairing)
e.g. WISHLISTS: And Now... (Percy/Hermione)

The Body
Copy and paste this form into your post. You may use a fake cut to your own journal.

If this is your first time posting and you have questions, please email the mods at rarepairshortsmod@gmail.com before submitting your work(s).

The Tags
1) het/slash/femmeslash
2) .wishlists: summer 2016
3) username tag
4) pairing or threesome tag

We will create any tags that you need, so don't worry if you can't add them all yourself.

The last day to post your fics is August 31st. We will post the masterlist soon after that. That should be just about everything.

Have fun!!

If you have questions, comment here!

1. Thread For josephinestone
2. Thread For digthewriter
3. Thread For ely_baby
4. Thread For emmatheslayer
5. Thread For bootsy_mine
6. Thread For hikarievandar
7. Thread For fangqueen
8. Thread For darkhairedgirl
9. Thread For rzzmg
10. Thread For penumbria_fics
11. Thread For leontinabowie
12. Thread For plaidphoenix
13. Thread For mahmfic
14. Thread For greyeyesbluetoo
15. Thread For kellychambliss
16. Thread For queenvandal
17. Thread For dustbunny105
18. Thread For amorette
19. Thread For _melodic_
20. Thread For whoafangirl
21. Thread For alley_skywalker
22. Thread For gelsey
23. Thread For icarly1969
24. Thread For madeleone
25. Thread For too_dle_oo
26. Thread For katmarajade
27. Thread For mywitch
28. Thread For themightyflynn
29. Thread For sirmioneforever
30. Thread For alisanne
31. Thread For articcat621

If I missed someone, please let me know!

Comments/Questions are not screened.
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