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Summer Shorts - a comment fest

rarepair_shorts is happy to present Summer Shorts - a comment fest.

photo by stockproject1@DA

Summer Shorts is a laid-back way (think lazing in the sun) for us to share our rare-pair love.

When: 9 August to 9 September
What: Leave prompts, fill prompts, all fanworks welcome

For the next month, i.e., 9 August to 9 September 2013, this is the place for you to leave prompts, to browse prompts, and to create fanworks* for the rarepair_shorts community.

Anyone can prompt without having to fill prompts (although we'd of course love it if you did). Anyone can fill prompts without having prompted first.

The usual community rules regarding pairings, word count for fics and ratings apply, i.e. only rare pairs (list of excluded pairings), 1000 words or less, and rating no higher than R.

* Summer Shorts is open for all kinds of fanworks. So in addition to fics, we welcome fanart, fanmixes, icons, you-name-it.

To participate:

- leave prompts by commenting below, using the following format:
Anything else:

Pairing: Remus/Ron
Prompt: camping
Rating: any
Anything else: Additional prompt: lilo

Please keep in mind that your prompts are meant as inspiration for others rather than requests for specific fics to be written/art to be created. So please don't go overboard with the prompts or additional requests.

One prompt per comment.

Textbox for your convenience:

- browse prompts, fill prompts and post your fills as replies to the prompter's comment.

- have fun!

If you have any questions, please ask in reply to the corresponding comment below, or e-mail/PM the mods.

And now, prompt, create, enjoy your Summer Shorts! :)

Oh, and if you want to help us spread the word, another textbox with code for banner and infos:
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