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The Big Reveal

Here we are at last! Thank you to everyone for working so hard and being so patient, and thank you especially to our wonderful pinch-hitters, bendleshnitz1 and bitchet.

Please feel free to post your stories to your personal journals, and don't forget to comment on the gift that was created for you! And, as usual, if you notice any errors, please point them out.

A Dark and Stormy Night [PG-13]; Draco/James Sirius
by writcraft for deathlydragon

A Little Less Wild [PG-13]; Ginny/Astoria, mentions of Draco/Astoria
by bitchet for bluemermaid

& set this house on fire [PG]; Ron/Pansy
by basicare for leigh_adams

And They Danced [PG]; Severus/Regulus
by alley_skywalker for freakingcrups

Bevitching Viktor [PG]; Ginny/Viktor
by a_gypsys_dance for peskywhistpaw

Cancel out the hurt [PG-13]; Antonin Dolohov/Pansy
by hereticalvision for alley_skywalker

Coming To Terms [PG]; Harry/Pansy, past Harry/Ginny and Lucius/Pansy
by scarletladyy for fiery_flamingo

Didn’t know spats came in Slytherin green [PG]; Hermione/Millicent
by capeofstorm for THE COMMUNITY!

In Times of Crisis (PANIC!) [PG-13]; Percy/Audrey
by luvscharlie for THE COMMUNITY!

Little By Little [PG-13]; Albus Severus/Draco
by deathlydragon for writcraft

Manipulation [R]; Voldemort/Lucius
by freakingcrups for fairielore

Outlook [PG-13]; Neville/Millicent
by bk03 for saintgilbert

Plus One [PG]; George/Lavender
by bendleshnitz1 for luvscharlie

Rat & Snake [R]; Peter/Severus
by fairielore for basicare

Spiralling [R]; Hermione/Lucius, Hermione Bellatrix
by fiery_flamingo for scarletladyy

The Perfect Position [PG]; Millicent/Percy
by saintgilbert for purelush

The Thief's Dance [PG]; Pansy/Luna
by bluemermaid for a_gypsys_dance

Truths and Dares [PG-13]; Tracey/Daphne, Pansy/Ginny
by tinnuros for capeofstorm

Under Pressure [G]; Harry/Katie
by purelush for bk03

Wartime Coming Like a Gathering Storm [PG]; Helga/Salazar, Albus/Gellert, Ginny/Tonks
by peskywhistpaw for tinnuros

What We Do Is Secret [R]; Ginny/Scorpius
by leigh_adams for hereticalvision

Tags: !mod announcement, *femmeslash, *het, *slash, .fic exchange: winter 2011-2012, .round-up
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