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Summer 2011 Wishlist Event

Thank you all so much for your input in the poll, we're glad to see so much interest still in an event! The majority of you wanted another wishlist event, so that's what we're going with. We do want to say, however, that those of you who suggested other/new forms of events had really great ideas that we may consider for the future.

That being said – here's the Summer 2011 Wishlist Event!

It will work the same as it did two years ago - and if you weren't around then and haven't yet looked at the masterlist yet, do it! We had the most outstanding outcome, with roughly eighty fics produced for our forty-one participants.

How this works is, you reply to this post with your wishlist. Your wishlist can be as long and as specific as you want (within reason, of course) but must contain requests for ficlets of rare pairings – pairings NOT on this list. Please remember that we don't allow fics rated higher than R.

Also, if you're the kind of person who ships really, really rare things (say, Cedric/Petunia or anything uncommon like that) it would be a good idea to include a wide range of other ships so you can get at least one thing granted.

Carte blanche wishlists are actually more frustrating than helpful, so please try to avoid those as well. A simple list of pairings and prompts tends to work best.

Your comments will be screened to begin with. You have one week to post a wishlist - until July 17, your time. After that no one else may post a wishlist. If you do post a wishlist before July 17, you may certainly add to it afterward.

The wish-granting shall commence July 18. Details as far as granting wishes will be given at that time.

There is no obligation in this event. If you post a wishlist, you don't need to grant other people's wishes; similarly, if you don't post a wishlist, you may still grant others' wishes. However, it really is a lot more fun if everyone participates semi-equally. ;)

If you have any questions, ask away! Comments containing only questions will be unscreened immediately.

Happy wishing!
Tags: !mod announcement, .wishlists: summer 2011
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