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Drabble: G- 'Greg's Princesses' Tracey/Greg

Title: Greg's princesses
Character Pairing: Tracey Davis/ Greg Goyle
Prompt: hush, little baby
Rating: G
Word Count: 304
Summary: Just a day in the life of a young Greg Goyle and his two favorite girls.
Author's notes: The series will chronicle the relationship...so we'll get to romance quickly enough. Also, Greg and Tracey call each other by their middle names: Val and Maeve.
Link to prompt table http://airmidm.livejournal.com/15633.html

Hush little baby don't say a word," Greg whispered, sitting down on the blanket with his two year old sister, trying to remember the lullaby that Maeve had taught a long time ago. Back when he first told her he was going to be a big brother. He sighed, his chin hitting his chest. "I'm sorry, Abelinda, I can't 'member anymore. Maeve will know. No fussy princesses until she's here, 'kay?"

"I'm here, Val," Tracey called softly, stepping through the flames, her hand tucked in her big brother Declan's. "Declan, go on."

Greg worried his lip between his teeth, sure that Declan would tease him about doing something wrong. After all Declan was fourteen and at Hogwarts. He knew things. Greg wasn't sure what those things were, only that they were Very important. "Thank you, Declan," Greg said as he rubbed soothing circles on Abbs' back.

Declan grinned and turned with a nod for Luthien, who was right next to the blanket, supervising. "I'll be back to collect you this evening, Tracey. You mind Mrs. Goyle."

Tracey wasn't even listening to her big brother, she'd already sat down next to Greg, leaning against him. She smiled at the cranky tot. "Hiya, Princess Abbs."

Greg grinned when his two favorite girls completely ignored him in favor of the stack of dolls. He didn't mind, he'd rather sit back and watch the two of them play then be talked into playing with dolls anyway. I really like seeing the two of them happy like this.

"Val?" Tracey called, without looking up from her doll. "Come over, we need you to play 'daddy'."

He shook his head and scooted across the blanket. He'd known it wouldn't take them long to remember he was there. If Draco or Blaise ever found out about this, he'd never hear the end of it.

Tags: *het, pairing: tracey/gregory, user: airmidm
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