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Melfina the Blue

Drabble: A New Body (Lucius Malfoy/Lord Voldemort)

Title:A New Body
Pairing:Lucius Malfoy/Lord Voldemort
Prompt:never really existed
Rating:PG-13 (with R likely to come later on)
Word Count: 350
Summary:Lord Voldemort comes back to life, and one of his (sorta) trusted lieutenants catches his eye
Author's Notes:Dark and hopefully creepy.
Link to Prompt Table:here

Lucius hadn't changed a bit. Same slippery snake tongue, full of honey and venom, same arrogance, same control, and that same hair. He stared at Lucius, daring him to rise again, but this time Lucius had the good sense to stay kneeling. Pity. He could have used a punishment to take the edge of things, but punishing Lucius without a good reason was asking for a traitor in his ranks. Malfoys were only ever out for themselves. He ran the tip of his wand along the side of Lucius' jaw, ignoring the sensations his new body was producing, and watching Lucius like a hawk. Lucius didn't flinch, not once, not even when he pressed the tip of the wand down to his Adam's apple.

"And what of the diary, Lucius?"

He caught that! For an instant Lucius paled, and he could have sworn there was a hint of fear in those cold grey eyes.

"I smuggled it into Hogwarts, my lord. What happened to it from there, I could not tell you."

"Lucius, you have failed me greatly, and we will speak more of this later."

"Yes, my lord."

He moved away from Lucius, thankful that his robes were so loose. He'd never had this problem before. His interest in rutting was, well it had never really existed. It had always been magic and power that gave him pleasure, never another human being. And now his new body had decided to have a mind of its own about this sort of thing! He would bend it to his will... but... it was new. New, and therefore interesting, if only in a clinical sense. Perhaps there was power to be found in this as well; he should explore it. After all, he had previously been brought low by a weapon he had never even considered. Best to take no chances. The world would be his, in the end, and this time there would be no mistakes!
Tags: *dropped, *slash, pairing: lucius/voldemort, user: melfinatheblue
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