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COMPLETE: (Severus/Barty, Jr.)

Congratulations to amor_remanet , who has completed all thirteen prompts for the pairing Severus Snape / Barty Crouch, Jr.!
Hip, hip, hurray! :D

Check it out!

NOTE: Must be read in this order.

1. Parties, PG-13 (stranger in a strange land)
2. Tenacity, PG (believe it or not)
3. Dream Upon Waking, PG (au contraire)
4. Lies, PG (tit for tat)
5. Fantastic Terrors, R (a vision softly creeping)
6. The Importance of Being a Black, PG ("is that your final answer?")
7. Please, PG-13 (nevermore, nevermore)
8. Explosive, PG (of seismic proportions)
9. Crimson, PG (ten-fold)
10. Drunk, PG-13 (sepulcher)
11. Of Devils and Darwin, R (tar and feathers)
12. Losing the Faith, R ("I wash my hands of thee")
13. Injurious, PG (obsequious)
Tags: *complete, *slash, pairing: severus/barty junior, user: amor_remanet
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