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Assignments sent!

Hello everyone!

Your assignments have been sent out today (which means an extra week of writing, yay!). Please check your inboxes and reply to confirm you've recieved it. If it's not there, or not in your junk then email us so we can resend it to you.

If for any reason you do not think you will be able to do your assignment please let us know immediately so we can try and work something out for you.

The Mods

Reminder - Winter Exchange

Hello everyone!

This is a reminder that signups for the Winter Exchange ends in 3 days time at 11:59pm Monday GMT. Please comment on this post with the signup sheet (which can be copied from the post). If you need to read the rules then please refer to this post. If you have any additional questions then comment either on here, or the rules post. 


Winter Exchange Sign Up Post

Signups are now closed

It's finally time to sign up for the Winter Exchange. Under the cut is the signup sheet, and all the rules etc can be found in this post along with the submission headers.

Sign Up SheetCollapse )

Winter Exchange Fest 2019-2020

Winter Exchange Rules

Hello everyone!

It's that time of year again and we're hope that you are excited for another round of the Harry Potter rarepair_shorts Winter Exchange fest!

We are posting the signup sheet before the main signup post again. Art was added as a preferred method this year and we will be keeping it as an option. As with previous years, we will try our hardest to make sure we pair you with someone who can do your preferred method, but it may not be possible for everyone to get their first choice as it depends on who signs up.

As you know the Winter Exchange is an anonymous exchange for rare pairs in the Harry Potter fandom where the mods match up requests with another participant, who then writes the requested fic/art. All participants receive a fic or art based on their request/prompt. The authors/artists are anonymous until all the entries have been posted.

This year's timeline and basic rules:

7th October 2019: Sign-ups open
21st October 2019: Sign-ups close
4th November 2019: Assignments sent out
16th December 2019: Assignments due
23rd December 2019: Posting begins

As per the comm rules, only rare pairs are allowed (please see this post for excluded pairings). Minimum word count is 500, maximum 2500 words for fics. Art must be traditional style and it must show that it's more than a simple drawble. For this exchange fest, we will not be accepting photo-manips.

NC-17 material is allowed, but please remember that there should be some plot rather than just smut. The focus is on your recipient's desire more than anything else.

Extensions will still be granted but on a case by case basis only. Extensions will last no longer than two weeks after the deadline before you assignment is given to a pinch hitter.

People who signed up last year but dropped out without telling us are not eligible to participate this year.

Please read through this post carefully before asking questions. There is a lot of information to sift through, because everything you need to know is in this post. Be sure to read everything!

Everything you need to knowCollapse )

Here are a few banners to promote the fest:

If you have any questions either reply to this post, or send us an email at rarepair.shorts.mod[AT]gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Anyone is welcome to join us, whether you've participated here before or not. So please spread the word to all your friends; the more, the merrier!

Sign ups will be open on LJ and DW.


Dear members, sincerest apologies for being so extremely late with this. Thank you so much to all of our members who participated in the 2019 [community profile] rarepair_shorts SUMMER WISHLIST EVENT. Below are 46 pieces of fic or art by our members fulfilling wishes! A million thinks to everyone that participated.

see list hereCollapse )
We hope you enjoyed the fest!
Recipient: sirmioneforever
Title: Say You Will
Pairing: Hermione/Sirius
Request/Prompt Used: marriage proposal
Rating: Mature
Word Count/Art Medium: 339
Summary: The words just slipped out.
Notes: Another little last-minute fluff. xoxo

Read on A03.

Wishlists: In Control (Hermione/Charlie)

Recipient: gaeilgerua
Title: In Control
Pairing: Hermione/Charlie
Request/Prompt Used: Exhibitionism/Voyeurism
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 741
Summary:Charlie loves when Hermione takes control.
Notes: Just another little late entry. Love you girl, enjoy. xoxo

Read on A03.
Recipient: digthewriter
Title: Can I Kiss You?
Pairing: Neville/Charlie
Request/Prompt Used:'Chracter A and B getting together by chance' and kinda 'Waking up in bed together and pretending you don't remember what happened last night.'
Rating: R
Word Count: 550
Summary: An unexpected morning after.
Notes: I figured since the masterlist wasn't posted yet I'd sneak a few extra gifts in... Enjoy, Dig <3
Read on A03.

Can I Kiss You?Collapse )

Summer 2019 Wishlist Late Entries.

Hello friends, we are going to do the final round up of all the fics by the 5th of September, so if you have late entries - feel free to post them before the masterlist is up on Thursday.

Author: maraudersaffair
Recipient: spookywoods
Title: You Don't Need to Say Anything
Pairing: Pansy/Luna
Request/Prompt Used: Pansy/Luna - odd jobs
Rating: T
Word Count/Art Medium: 350
Summary: Pansy and Luna work at a cat cafe.
Notes: Unbeta'ed. Thank you for writing for me, spookywoods!

You Don't Need to Say AnythingCollapse )

Wishlists: In The Sea (Pansy/Ginny)

Recipient: goldfwish
Title: In The Sea
Pairing: Pansy/Ginny
Request/Prompt Used: Swimming in the sea
Rating: T
Word Count: 370
Summary: Pansy and Ginny are enjoying their Carribean getaway.
Notes: Not beta'd, so pardon any lingering mistakes. Enjoy! xoxo

Read on A03.

In The SeaCollapse )
Recipient: lightofdaye
Title: The Best of Friends
Pairing: Charlie/Tonks
Request/Prompt Used: friends-with-benefits (bonus points if there are no hidden romantic feelings)
Rating: R
Word Count: 214
Summary: Charlie knows he can always count on her.
Notes: Not beta'd, so pardon any lingering mistakes. Enjoy! xoxo

Read on A03.

The Best of FriendsCollapse )

Wishlists: Healing Together (Pansy/Ginny)

Recipient: evening12
Title: Healing Together
Pairing: Ginny Weasley/Pansy Parkinson
Request/Prompt Used: Figuring life after the war
Rating: T
Word Count: 230
Summary: Pansy finds Ginny after the battle.
Notes: Not beta'd, so pardon any lingering mistakes.
Read on A03.

Healing Together Collapse )
Recipient: keyflight790
Title: More Than Friends
Pairing: Neville/Draco
Request/Prompt Used: Getting Together, Fluff
Rating: T
Word Count:320
Summary: Draco didn't expect to wake up to the sight of someone else in his bed.
Notes: Not betad, so pardon any lingering mistakes.

Read on A03.

Read more...Collapse )

Wishlists: Not So Bad (Hermione/Percy)

Recipient: maraudersaffair
Title: Not So Bad
Pairing: Hermione/Perccy
Request/Prompt Used: historical or royal AUs
Rating: T
Word Count/Art Medium: 895
Summary:Hermione knew that as a Princess, it was her duty to marry a prince. She could only hope that he wasn't a complete bore.
Notes: Not beta'd, so pardon any lingering mistakes. Written for Maraudersaffair, enjoy!

Read on A03.

Not So BadCollapse )
Author: maraudersaffair
Recipient: digthewriter
Title: Don't Be Afraid
Pairing: Neville/Charlie
Request/Prompt Used: Pining with Nev & Charlie
Rating: T
Word Count/Art Medium: 400
Summary: Neville and Charlie ride a dragon.
Notes: Unbeta'ed. Thank you for writing for me, digthewriter!

Don't Be AfraidCollapse )

Wishlists: Can I Kiss You? (Hermione/Bill)

Author: maraudersaffair
Recipient: articcat621
Title: Can I Kiss You?
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Bill Weasley
Request/Prompt Used: A bit of: Since when did being in close proximity to Character B make her knee's weak?
Rating: T
Word Count/Art Medium: 600
Summary: Hermione and Bill share a kiss at the Burrow.
Notes: Unbeta'ed. Thank you for writing for me, articcat621!

Can I Kiss You?Collapse )
Recipient: kiertorata
Title: All In Good Time
Pairing: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger
Request/Prompt Used: stuck in a broomcloset
Rating: T
Word Count: 956
Summary: Hermione blames Harry for getting them trapped, but the proximity helps them clear the air.
Notes: Not beta'd, so pardon any lingering mistakes.
Read on A03.

All In Good TimeCollapse )

Wishlists: A Chance Meeting (Harry/Luna)

Recipient: smirkingcat
Title: A Chance Meeting
Pairing: Harry/Luna
Request/Prompt Used: Accidentally meeting somewhere unexpected
Rating: T
Word Count: 620
Summary: Harry didn't expect to see anyone he knew on his trip.
Notes: Not beta'd, so pardon any lingering mistakes. Written for smirkingcat for the RarePairShorts 2019 Summer Wishlist Event.

Read on A03.

A Chance MeetingCollapse )

Wishlists: Her Sunshine (Narcissa/Lily)

Recipient: maraudersaffair
Title: Her Sunshine
Pairing: Narcissa Malfoy/Lily Evans
Request/Prompt Used: Infidelity, Secret Relationships, Lily/Narcissa
Rating: T
Word Count/Art Medium: 402
Summary: Lily is her personal ray of sunshine.
Notes: Not beta'd, so pardon any lingering mistakes. Written for Maraudersaffair, enjoy!

Read on A03.

Her SunshineCollapse )
Artist: kiertorata
Recipient: nifflers-n-nargles
Title: Forever and a Day
Pairing: Marlene McKinnon/Dorcas Meadowes
Request/Prompt Used: forehead kisses, domestic scenes, queer stories
Rating: G
Art Medium: Digital (Procreate)
Summary: Today, Marlene is out in the field and Dorcas is holding their shared fort.
Notes: Yay, still had time for a little doodle for summer wishlists. Hope you like this, nifflers! I haven't really explored these two before. :)

Forever and a DayCollapse )
Author: kiertorata
Recipient: too_dle_oo
Title: Swedes and Swedes in the Nightless Night
Pairing: Gilderoy Lockhart/*Rita Skeeter*
Request/Prompt Used: swedes, Swedes
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1500
Summary: Gilderoy is chasing his latest adventure when someone almost gets in the way.
Notes: Your list was all kinds of epic hilarity! SWEDES. As a Finn, that is equal to a challenge. I am here to collect my points. This turned out to be one of the weirdest fics I’ve written. (Oddly, all the weirder stuff I write seem to include Gilderoy...) Also, degrees are in Celcius for all you strange Americans out there.

Swedes and Swedes in the Nightless NightCollapse )
Author: kiertorata
Recipient: madeleone
Title: Common Welsh Green (I keep getting worse with these I swear...)
Pairing: Luna Lovegood/Charlie Weasley
Request/Prompt Used: "In her search for Snorkacks, Luna discovers an orphaned baby dragon and comes to Charlie for help."
Rating: G
Art Medium: digital (Precreate)
Summary: (totally copying your fabulous prompt madeleone) In her search for Snorkacks, Luna discovers an orphaned baby dragon and comes to Charlie for help.
Notes: I'm sorry Charlie looks more like Ron, I've always been rubbish at drawing men xD

Common Welsh GreenCollapse )
Author: kiertorata
Recipient: delacourtings
Title: New Energies
Pairing: George Weasley/Lee Jordan
Request/Prompt Used: bedsharing, forced proximity, pining
Rating: R
Word Count/Art Medium: 1697
Summary: Finally, after what feels like forever, George and Lee find the chance to explore the new energies between them.
Notes: This takes place during the summer between George’s sixth and seventh year. Dear delacourtings, I couldn’t resist the bedsharing prompt. Thanks to the lovely lenapinewoods for the beta!

New EnergiesCollapse )

WISHLISTS: LIGHTS (Harry/Hermione/Ron)

Author: kiertorata
Recipient: cloelockless2
Title: Lights
Pairing: Harry/Hermione/Ron
Request/Prompt Used: post-war, love and friendship
Rating: PG
Art Medium: digital (Procreate)
Summary: The night is almost over and it's time to go home. Together as always.
Notes: The resolution is a bit big so it might take a moment for the gif to load. Dear cloelockless2, hope you like this! I've wanted to do Harry/Hermione/Ron for forever ^_^

LightsCollapse )


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