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It is finally time to start granting wishes - so here's how to do that!

POSTING IS FROM JUNE 1 to AUG 31 | Midnight in your timezone.

Instructions and posting guidelines over here...Collapse )

Do you wanna know what you're in for?

From Dreamwidth, we have:

+ [personal profile] spookywoods's short and sweet list.
+ [personal profile] consumedly's list giving you tons of variety.
+ [personal profile] wereflamingo's list asking for some Harry Potter love.

From LJ, we have:

+ digthewriter, your mod showing you how to make a list.
+ themightyflynn, giving you, fantastic prompts to work with.
+ evening12, giving you options of mix and match.
+ milotzi, showing you their OTP and how to make it happen.
+ kiertorata, wanting you to go on an adventure for them.
+ cyn_ful, asking to give them a birthday present!
+ emmatheslayer, looking for a happily ever after.
+ nottayjlee, asking for SLASH or FEMSLASH only and giving you lots of choices.
+ articcat621, giving you fantastic scenarios.
+ sirmioneforever, your other mod, asking for a little love.
+ slashfoxes, giving you 20 pairings to work with!
+ gaeilgerua, providing a long list of kinks.
+ smirkingcat, wanting an ending as long as it's happy and/or good.
+ cloelockless2, daring you to go on a character exploration.
+ monkiainen, wanting you to keep it slashy.
+ Musa Nouman, is all about bottom!Draco love.
+ jajajee, is all super INTERHOUSE pairings. Keep it interesting, folks!.
+ goldfwish, wants you to keep it soft.
+ keyflight790, is all about domestic fluff.
+ [tumblr.com profile] nifflers-n-nargles, wants to praise you, if you share some praise kink.
+ maraudersaffair, is all about interesting AUs.
+ madeleone, wants you to find love in all the unusual places.
+ too_dle_oo, is giving you the challenge to go REEEEEEALLY rare.
+ rosevalleynb, has MUSICAL INSPIRATIONS!
+ demented_mei, is all about throwing canon out the window. Can you?
+ delacourtings, looking for love undercover, first time, and in all the categories.
+ dreamy_dragon73, asks if you can make up a missing canon scene?
+ kellychambliss, presents many unique scenarios and rarest of rare pairs.
+ lightofdaye, is a het lover like no other.
Author: shadowspun
Recipient: too_dle_oo
Title: Werenargles and Bamboo
Pairing: Gilderoy/OC
Request/Prompt Used: Gilderoy and someone who can put up with him
Rating: G
Word Count/Art Medium: 475
Summary: Gilderoy has been at St. Mungo's for a while.  One night he meets somene who can tell him about the most important person in the world: himself.
Notes: I hope you like this, too_dle_oo.  There ended up much less romance than I had hoped and more the start of a friendship.

Werenargles and Bamboo on AO3Collapse )
Author: digthewriter
Recipient: consumedly
Title: What She's Used To
Pairing: Millicent/Pansy (Background: Blaise/Ginny, Theodore Nott/Luna Lovegood, Draco/??)
Request/Prompt Used: Friends with benefits developing feelings
Rating: PG-13
Word Count/Art Medium: 1750
Summary: She wasn't the type of girl one brought home. It didn't matter if it were a boy or a girl, it always ended with them turning her down and a "Can't we be friends?"
Notes: Thanks to [archiveofourown.org profile] randoyoyo for the beta! All the remaining mistakes are mine as I did edit the story after getting it betaed.


WISHLISTS: The First Dance (Blaise/Ron)

Author/Artist: digthewriter
Recipient: smirkingcat
Title: The First Dance
Pairing: Blaise/Ron
Request/Prompt Used: Destiny is a curious thing
Rating: G
Word Count/Art Medium: Digital
Summary: Blaise and Ron do the first dance on their wedding day as a married couple.

[LJ / DW]
Author: maraudersaffair
Recipient: evening12
Title: Taste the Rainbow
Pairing: Pansy Parkinson/Ginny Weasley
Request/Prompt Used: established relationship, pride parade, nightlife
Rating: Teen
Word Count/Art Medium: 700
Summary: Pansy and Ginny experience Pride for the first time.
Notes: Hi, evening12! I hope you enjoy this. Thanks for reading!

Taste the RainbowCollapse )
Author: keyflight790
Recipient: spookywoods
Title: Tugging at my Heart(strings)
Pairing: Neville/Charlie
Rating: Explicit
Word Count/Art Medium: 2,500
Summary: (optional) Neville travels to Romania to gather some much needed potions, and Charlie delivers.
Notes: Thank you to april-thelightfury115 for the amazing beta!

(Tugging at my Heart(strings))
Author: keyflight790
Recipient: digthewriter
Title: Cups and Swords
Pairing: Neville/Charlie
Rating: Teen
Word Count/Art Medium: 1,150
Summary: (optional) Neville can't wait to see his best friend play the World Cup. He also can't wait to see what happens between he and the Portkey-hitchhiker he picks up along the way.
Notes: Thank you to maesterchill for the beta!

(Cups and Swords)
Author: cyn_ful
Recipient: digthewriter
Title:Ginny's Tea Date
Pairing: Ginny/Pansy
Request/Prompt Used: How to Make a List
Rating: M (very low M)
Word Count/Art Medium: ~1250
Summary: (optional)Ginny has a first date with Pansy at Harry's tea shop.
Notes: (optional)digthewriter ... what can I say? I took your last prompt and then realized that Ginny and Pansy were over here on your wishlist and kind of combined them both.

Ginny's Tea Date

WISHLISTS. Allure (Snape/Lucius)

Artist: digthewriter
Recipient: cyn_ful
Title: Allure
Pairing: Snape/Lucius
Request/Prompt Used: birthday wishlist
Rating: PG
Word Count/Art Medium: Digital

[DW | LJ]
Author: digthewriter
Recipient: maraudersaffair
Title: Motions of the Infinite
Pairing: Neville/Charlie
Request/Prompt Used: Neville/Charlie + Secret Relationship.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count/Art Medium: 1575
Summary: Neville hung his head low and he didn't turn around to face Charlie for what Charlie thought was forever. It wasn't supposed to be like this. It wasn't supposed to be this complicated.
Notes: Written for rarepair_shorts. Unbetaed. Thank you maraudersaffair for allowing me a chance to write my favourite pairing! Also written for enchanted_jae JMDC June Challenge: watch the sun set/enjoy the sunset

[DW | LJ]

Posting has begun!

So glad to see people making posts and filling wishes already! <3

Just a quick reminder about new members who might be fulfilling some wishes.

1. Our AO3 collection is here.
2. If you need a pairing or a user tag, please ask HERE: (on LJ) or (on DW).
3. Crossposting is ok. You can post your stories on rarepair_shorts or [community profile] rarepair_shorts on DW.
4. You can also ask questions in private via email: rarepairshortsmod@gmail.com.
5. Please do not PM the MOD account(s) or your mods' personal accounts.
6. Have fun!

WISHLISTS: House 59 (Dean/Luna)

Author: cloelockless2
Recipient: kiertorata
Title: House 59
Pairing: Dean/Luna (and background friends and primary partners)
Request/Prompt Used: Creative lives, creative life AUs (artists’ collective)
Rating: M
Word Count/Art Medium: 2k
Summary: Dean isn’t happy with his best friend’s new love hook-up interest. Luna’s there to remind him it’s none of his business and who cares. Muggle AU. Parisian art world AU. Should be magical.
Notes: Thank you so much for the inspiration, K.! I went a little “bingo challenge” with your suggested pairings, but once my brain had latched onto this AU, it spawned a whole litter of background stories, and there you go. Way too little femmeslash in this one (I am SORRY). I’ll try and do better next time. I hope you enjoy it!

House 59 – Read on AO3
Author: reynardo
Recipient: too_dle_oo
Title: Teaching My Heart to Dance
Pairing: Barnabas/Luna
Request/Prompt Used: reeeeeally rare: a Hogwarts portrait pining for a living person CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
Rating: PG for cleavage
Word Count/Art Medium: 1431
Summary: The Tapestry is looking ... dull. And no-one knows why.
Notes: The restorationist mentioned is based on a real person whose Youtube videos have become rather famous. I hope he doesn't mind.

Teaching My Heart to Dance.Collapse )

WISHLISTS: Pop (Harry/Pansy)

Author: lightofdaye
Recipient: sirmioneforever
Title: Pop
Pairing: Harry/Pansy
Request/Prompt Used: Proposal
Rating: G
Word Count/: 792
Summary: Harry has difficulty getting the message across...
Notes: No idea how close to canon this idea is but I hope you enjoy it.

Read on LJ | DW | AO3


Thursday - 10 PM NYC time the tasks of making a wish ends.

On May 31, we will reveal all the wishes. We have 22 individuals so far that have made a list of their wishes - we can use some more!

There's no obligation. This is to give your peers a chance to get their muse cranking. (Is that a thing? I dunno, I've been drinking margaritas).

Anyway, the point is... do you like rare pairs? Do you want to inspire others to write a fic or create art? Then MAKE A WISH!


You have until 30th of May - 10 PM EST.

Leave a Prompt | View Prompts | Rules & FAQ


Prompting: May 1st - May 29th
Signups and claiming: June 1st - July 15th
Submissions due: September 15th
Posting begins: October 1st

We'd love to see all of your rare pair prompts!

Pimping Banners - 2019 Wishlist Event

Hi friends. Wishlist is only fun if people make a wish! So spread the word using a banner code from below on your LIVEJOURNAL and DREAMWIDTH!

Happy wishing!

How The Event Works: The Wishlist Event is here to bring you lots of writing fun! [AND ART]

You reply to this post with your wishlist. Your wishlist can be as long and as specific as you want (within reason, of course - please contain your list to one comment), but must contain requests for ficlets (or art) of rare pairings – pairings.

Other info: You can post your wish list on LJ or Dreamwidth. But only at one place.

DO NOT PM THE MOD ACCOUNT. EMAIL US: rarepair.shorts.mod@gmail.com.

Comments are screened. If you post something and it disappears, don't freak out. I promise you, it's there. Don't post multiple times. If you post your wish list anonymously, it will disappear, and you won't be able to see it. (But we will be able to see it, and it will be revealed on May 31).

Happy wishing!



How The Event Works: The Wishlist Event wants to to bring you lots of writing fun! [AND ART].

This event runs in two parts. Part 1 – You make a wish list. On May 15, we will make a post where all members will be encouraged to post their wishes about what kind of fic/art they’d like. It’s open to all rare-pairs and gen fics (and art). The signup for the wishes is from May 15-30.

Your wish will be hidden from the general public until May 31. On May 31, we will do the big reveal and everyone can see who wished for what.

Part 2 – Members will be encouraged to fill those wishes from June 1 until August 31.

There is no obligation in this event. If you post a wishlist, you don't need to grant other people's wishes; similarly, if you don't post a wishlist, you may still grant others' wishes.

Your wishlist can be as long and as specific as you want (within reason, of course - please contain your list to one comment), but must contain requests for ficlets (or art) of rare pairings.


After MAY 30 (10 pm EST), no one else may post a wishlist. If you do post a wishlist, you may certainly edit or add to it at any time before May 30th.

Please note, there is no wishing format. You can post your wish in any style you want. Pairing specific prompts. List of prompts. List of pairings. – The wishing will begin on May 15.

For gifts, all fic must be between 200 to 2000 words. No more than that. There is no obligation in this event. You may write as many fics for as many people as you like. More than one person may grant the same wish.

If you have never participated before, and have questions, you can ask below. Comments will be screened. When we answer your question, we will unscreen them. We are both on Livejournal and Dreamwidth). Please note, on May 15, we will post more information. But we welcome questions.



BANNERSCollapse )
Title: Love songs for the smart, the lost and the messy
Character Pairing: Justin Finch-Fletchley/Astoria Greengrass
Prompt: A house is not a home
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1814
Summary: "Suddenly she realizes who the man is. She is listening to Justin Finch-Fletchley, a rising political star, as The Daily Prophet calls him."
Author's Notes: This is chapter one of what will be a longer story. I will be posting more chapters as I finish writing them. Thank you so much to kiertorata for being my beta! Any remaining mistakes are mine. Here's also a piece of cover art I made for this story. Mods: Could you please add a tag for the pairing? :)
Link to Prompt Table: Prompt Table Justin/Astoria
Link to the Fic: Love songs for the smart, the lost and the messy

Cover art: Read more...Collapse )
Title: Ghost Breath
Pairing: James Sirius Potter/Albus Severus Potter
Prompt: the haunted corner
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,182
Summary: James would eat anything Albus made—even if it were a birthday cake laced with love potion.
Author's Note: Unrequited feelings towards a sibling
Links to Prompt Table: LJ, DW

Links: LJ, DW, AO3

Announcing Femmefest 2019: Sign Ups Open

If you've loved the Winter exchange here at rarepair_shorts and are a fan of femslash, come join us at femmefest ! Our sign-ups have just opened!!

Femmefest Exchange 2019!
Posting on

Art by anemonen| anemonen.

Ficlet: No Way, Harry/Astoria

Title: No Way
Character Pairing: Harry/Astoria
Prompt: he/she didn't look back
Rating: M
Word Count: 666 words
Summary: There was no way he would ever be able to trust her
Author's Notes: This is also for Hogwarts assignment 1: Write about an affair so there is a warning for infidelity, and non-explicit sex.
Link to Prompt Table: Here you go

No Way

Winter Exchange: Masterlist and Reveals

Hello everyone!

Sunday's posts marked the end on this years Winter Exchange. We hope you have enjoyed your gifts, and that we see you again later this year. If you have yet to catch up the feel free to keep reading and commenting. Thank you for all your hard work,

the mods.

A Gift for lenapinewoods, Snowflakes and Slow Smiles, Hannah/George bu keyflight790
A Gift for glittering_git, The Thin Line Between Wanting and Having, James Potter/Teddy Lupin by digthewriter
A Gift for titti, We Are All of Us Stars, (Draco/James Sirius) by glittering_git
A Gift for maraudersaffair, We Said Last Time Would Be The Last, (Draco/Lily Luna) by letsdothepanic
A Gift For digthewriter, First Date, Neville/Charlie by titti
A Gift For ideare , Tell me we'll survive, Peter/Narcissa by prince_mardoll
A Gift For prince_mardoll , the propsal (that almost wasn't), Ginny/Pansy by evening12
A Gift For kiertorata , Tick Tock, Granger, Hermione/Pansy by maraudersaffair
A Gift For rarepair_shorts , I'll sit here in silence (with you), Draco/Luna by lenapinewoods
A Gift For letsdothepanic, In the VIP International Floo Travel Lounge, Ron/Viktor by themightyflynn
A Gift For articcat621, Challenge Accepted,Hermione/Charlie by demented_mei
A Gift For sirmioneforever, A Very, Merry Christmas, Hermione/Sirius/Charlie by articcat621
A Gift For demented_mei, Mistletoe Surprises, Hermione/Remus by sirmioneforever
A Gift For themightyflynn, Of Brooms and Practice, Marcus/Oliver, by dudugodudugo
A Gift For keyflight790, i got dreams of my own, but i want to make yours come true, Blaise/Colin by ideare
A Gift For dudugodudugo, Their Lucky Day, Harry/Lucius by maraudersaffair
A Gift For flipflop_diva, Holiday Plans, Hermione/Pansy by kiertorata
A Gift For evening12, Hope Comes At Midnight, Ginny/Pansy by flipflop_diva
Author: flipflop_diva
Recipient: evening12
Title: Hope Comes At Midnight
Pairing: Ginny Weasley/Pansy Parkinson
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,166
Summary: New Year’s Eve is a time for parties and celebrations. This year, things are a little different for Ginny and Pansy.
Author's Notes: Thank you, Martine, for so many super fun prompts to work with! I tried to include as many of them as I could. I hope you enjoy! And to the Mods, thank you for your hard work and for being so incredibly patient with me! I’m so glad to participate in this fest once again. And to everyone out there, happy new year!

Hope Comes At MidnightCollapse )


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