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WISHLIST 2017 EVENT *is finally here*

The time to create a wish is now over. A post about how to grant wishes will be in a few hours!

This is where you post your wishes

Hello, everyone, and welcome to our 2017 Wishlist Event!

How The Event Works:

The Wishlist Event is here to bring you lots of writing fun! [AND ART]

You reply to this post with your wishlist. Your wishlist can be as long and as specific as you want (within reason, of course - please contain your list to one comment), but must contain requests for ficlets (or art) of rare pairings – pairings NOT on this list.

Also, if you're the kind of person who ships really, really rare things, it would be a good idea to include a wide range of other ships so you can get at least one wish granted.

Carte blanche wishlists are actually more frustrating than helpful, so please try to avoid those as well. A simple list of pairings and prompts tends to work best.

Your comments will be screened to begin with. The “Wish List Sign Up” will run from May 15 - May 30. What does that mean? It means that no one can see you wishlist except for you and the MOD until May 30. On May 31st, we will "reveal" them all!

After MAY 30, no one else may post a wishlist. If you do post a wishlist, you may certainly edit or add to it at any time before May 30th.

We will reveal the WISHLIST on May 31st. The wish-granting shall commence on June 1st. Details as far as granting wishes will be given at that time.

There is no obligation in this event. If you post a wishlist, you don't need to grant other people's wishes; similarly, if you don't post a wishlist, you may still grant others' wishes.

However, it really is a lot more fun if everyone participates semi-equally! :)

If you have any questions, please ask HERE. This post is for WISHLISTS only! Questions and comments go HERE!

Happy wishing!

Please note, there is no wishing format. You can post your wish in any style you want. Pairing specific prompts. List of prompts. List of pairings. Do what you feel best! See last year's list if you need ideas.
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