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Number Game Ficathon 2013!

Hey, everyone! Spring is just around the corner, so let's celebrate by bringing back the Numbers Game!

We have two lists - one of male characters (71 total males), and one of female characters (55 total females). The lists have been randomly sorted, and each character has been assigned a number on their respective lists. All the characters are at least somewhat substantial, so you won't get anyone overly obscure.

Based on the numbers you choose, you will be given rare pairings to work with. We will throw out any non-rare pairings you happen to generate. You may then write a fic about one of the pairings on your list. Then just post it to the community, making sure you follow general posting rules, which we'll show you in a moment.

To split things into easy and hard, you have two options.
Option #1 [easy]: Select one character you feel comfortable working with.
Option #2 [hard]: Leave the pairings you get entirely up to chance.

Reply to this post using the following form:

-Specify whether you'd like to take Option #1 or Option #2. If taking Option #1, name the character you'd like to work with.
-If taking Option #1, give us seven numbers (1-71 for males, 1-55 for females). After each number, specify whether you'd like het or slash/femmeslash.
-If taking Option #2, give us seven pairs of numbers. After each pair, specify whether you'd like het, slash, or femmeslash. If choosing het, the first number will correspond to a male character, and the second number will correspond to a female character.

Here's a couple of example forms:

1. Option #1 - Zacharias Smith
2. 1 [het], 4 [het], 18 [het], 25 [slash], 36 [slash], 38 [slash], 71 [het]

1. Option #2
2. 1/3 [slash], 12/9 [slash], 58/34 [het], 22/22 [het], 45/35 [het],55/31 [femmeslash], 5/18 [femmeslash]

We will reply to your comments telling you the pairings you generated - excluding those that happen to be non-rare.

In order to preserve the secrecy of the lists, your comments will be screened (only our responses will be visible). Please do not share with others which numbers you chose. We don't want people to figure out which numbers correspond with which characters - that just spoils the fun. :D (When we give you your pairings, we will list the characters in alphabetical order, and not the order in which you put them down.)

You have until March 25 to sign up and get your pairings, and until April 20 to finish up your fics.

I hope all that explanation didn't confuse anyone! Please feel free to ask any questions here that you may have.

Here is the format you need to follow to post fics for the ficathon. :D Feel free to make posts as soon as you receive your characters/pairings!

In the Subject line of your post, please use the following format:
FICATHON: Title of fic (Pairing)
e.g. FICATHON: An Unfortunate Coincidence (Ginny/Blaise)

In the body of your posts, please use the following format:
Word Count: (Remember, no less than 500 and no more than 1500!)
Author's Notes:

You need a total of four tags on each post - the usual three tags plus the tag ".fest: number game 2013".

You may also write more than one fic - if multiple pairings appeal to you, go right ahead!

And just so you know, there is no obligation to participate if you sign up for this event. We know real-life stuff comes up, or you just lose interest, and for the purposes of this ficathon, that's okay. :)

All right, have at it! Choose your numbers and have some fun with them! If you'd like to see how it went down before, check out the 2009 event. :)
Tags: !mod announcement, .fest: number game 2013
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